Forklift Hire Rates

Forklift Hire Rates

Forklift Hire RatesAt Spartan Forklift Hire, we stock a large fleet of forklifts including diesel forklifts and gas forklifts. These forklifts come with various load capacities and each have their own recommended application.

Our forklift hire service is split into two types of rentals.

  • Medium to Long Term Rentals
    This option is ideal of you need the use of a forklift on a medium to long term basis.
  • Full Maintenance Leasing
    If you have a long term need for a forklift or a fleet of forklifts, then this option is ideal for you.

Based on the type of forklift rental that you choose, we determine our rates by taking the following points into consideration:

  • Location of rental
  • Duration of rental
  • Configuration
  • Mast height
  • Hours worked
  • Application

Pricing includes : 8 hours operation per day. 
Pricing excludes:  VAT  / Fuel  / Transportation / Operator and Insurance.
Monthly rates are available on request.

Our rates are very competitive and our service levels are unmatched by our competitors.

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