A forklift is a handy tool to have around. It can effortlessly lift a load and re-locate it to another part of a warehouse or lift a load onto a truck or into a storage space.

Forklift RentalThe problem is that a forklift is an expensive piece of machinery and has a high maintenance requirement. As a result, in many cases a forklift is un-affordable. Or you may not have a need to have a forklift on-site on a permanent basis.

This is where Forklift Rental comes into the picture. We offer a comprehensive range of forklifts to rent on a short or long term basis.

Forklift rentals can be a difficult task, but at Forklift Hire we do our best to make the process quick, easy and fast! Generally if you need to rent a forklift, you need the forklift fast. Our interests lay with our clients and their needs!

Our forklift hire fleet consists of a variety of forklifts. These include diesel, gas and electric. We will be happy to advise you on the best option to suit your forklift hire needs. View more about our forklift configuration on our forklift options page.

Additional Forklift Rental Options

Forks – A forklift has an option to have between 1 meter and 3 meter forks fitted to it. 1 meter forks are generally used to move standard pallets and small equipment. The 3 meter forks are used to move large equipment and large pallets with heavy loads.

Forklift Transport – As part of our all inclusive package, our forklifts are delivered to you on a rollback truck.

At Forklift Hire, we will give you the best service in the forklift rental industry! We have your interests to heart and will go out our way to help you!

For forklift training please contact HAZCHEMWIZE who offer accredited forklift training courses.

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